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Broadband VoIP Phone Service

Broadband phone service or Internet phones use the Internet instead of regular phone networks to transmit phone calls. VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol) converts your voice into digital packets that are sent over the Internet and converted back into analogue signals before they reach the receiver on the other end. These broadband phones work just like a regular phone once they're set up. And like other phone services, you can get broadband phone services bundled with all kinds of other phone services, such as caller ID, call waiting and voicemail.

Here are some of the most popular brands of broadband phone services available on the Internet at their discount rates. Also scroll further to read our article on Broadband Phone Service - Choosing And Using VoIP for more information. Don't miss the related links and resources on other telecommunications products, if you would like to purchase some ware, try our LONG DISTANCE PHONE SERVICES GUIDE for updated information on Long Distance Services, Internet Access Services, 800 Numbers & Phone Cards.

Broadband Phone, iConnectHere

Broadband VoIP Phone, Save on Long Distance - iConnectHere
Plans start at $15.99
This leading edge Internet Phone Service allows you to save up to 90% on all your local, long distance, and international calls. Cheap rates, as low as 1 per minute to the US, Unlimited monthly calling available, or pay as you go. Check out the latest Broadband Phone offers from iConnectHere

Cheap Broadband Phone

Broadband Phone - Local & Unlimited Long Distance
SunRocket is a broadband phone type service that includes local and unlimited long distance. Choose between the $24.95 per month plan, or pay only $199 for a whole year of service - that's under $17 per month!!

Cheap DSL Internet Line

Business DSL and T1 Line Data Access
Hi-Speed Internet --- DSL, Cable, T1 Line --- service available. Up to 8X faster than any other service you've used with DSL/Cable packages, starting from just $59.95 per month! Also offer free installation with modem and Full T1 rates of only $399.95/mo, Business Class DSL with 5 static IP's from $64.95/mo.

Broadband Phone - Find & Compare Cheap Internet Voice Telephony VoIP Phones
VoIP Phone - Internet Voice Telephony

What is a VoIP Broadband Phone Service?

Broadband phone service involves using a broadband Internet connection to make and receive voice calls in a manner comparable to using an analogue telephone. Broadband is the term used to describe higher bandwidth, always on services, offering data rates of 128kbps and above. Common broadband services could include high-capacity data transfer, video conferencing, video on demand, interactive games and audio, online banking and shopping, local area network (LAN) access, web surfing and broadband phone service.

What are the benefits of using a Broadband Phone Service?

Broadband phone service enables voice telephone calls to work over high-speed internet connection. A broadband phone, also known as a VoIP or Voice over Internet Phone, utilizes the same network as your Internet service and hardware adapters connect it to the broadband Internet connection. There are two main advantages to using a broadband phone over a traditional analogue service:

  • Cheaper international calling rates - Since broadband phone service providers use the Internet to deliver their service, the market place is global and competition is brutal. But for the costumer it is boon because it results in a great discounts and offers from their broadband phone company.
  • No line rental- When you use a broadband phone service instead of an analogue line, there is no line rental because there is no analogue phone. But if you use DSL broadband connection, the analogue telephone line will be needed.

What are some features to look out for when choosing a Broadband Phone Service

When choosing a broadband phone service and a broadband phone company, there are some key features that you must enquire about. Here is a list:

Broadband Phone Internet Service Compatibility

Most broadband phone services work only with DSL or cable modem Internet. If you subscribe to dial-up, satellite or wireless broadband, these phone services will likely not work in your household. So check with your broadband phone company before you pick a plan.

Broadband Phone Number Portability

Most likely your broadband phone company will offer number portability, which allows you to keep the same phone number you had before subscribing to the Internet based plan. However, remember that this service is not free and you are responsible for requesting and paying for the broadband phone number portability service.

Broadband Phone Service Plans

There are many different broadband phone companies today with different plans. As with calling cards, some service plans feature unlimited local calling or large numbers of free minutes. However, the cost of broadband phone service may also include international, long distance and other charges.

Broadband Phone Service Reliability

The standard home broadband phone is extremely reliable. The only time you can expect to face difficulty in using your phone is when your Internet access is down or when your broadband phone company is facing downtime.

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