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A phone card is as important for a traveler or businessman as a passport. When traveling abroad, a phone card helps you to stay connected. And with all phone card companies selling products online, buying on the Internet has becomes the cheapest mode of buying phone cards. With just an e-mail address, you can purchase the cheapest calling cards immediately from a wide variety available on the Internet.

We have selected some of the cheapest international calling cards from the plethora available on the Internet. We also provide information & comparisons on numerous other services such as cheap long distance, 800 numbers & T1 Lines, get more information in the telecommunication products guide. To help you in choosing and using the best phone card for you, please read our phone card buyers guide below:

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Cheap International Long Distance Calls
Cheap long distance phone cards from USA to India, Sri lanka, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and over 50 other countries. If you're traveling abroad try our global origination cards for calls to USA at discount international long distance rates.

Virtual Phone Card

Monthly Billed Phone Card, CogniCall
Cognicall is not a prepaid phone card, it's monthly billed calling card that you can use to make calls from over than 50 countries --- low rates, no activation fee, no monthly fee. It's a virtual calling card, cheap international and interstate call rates!
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Cheap Calling Card

International Calling Card - Accuglobe
USA & International Origination phone card service, featuring low international and interstate rates. Billed monthly, the regular cost of interstate service is 5.9 per minute. Cut costs by using calling cards instead of direct dialing, use our Toll-Free international calling card from over 45 countries, View Your Bills Online, Personal Speed Dial numbers, low cost service with global call origination
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Discount Phone Card

Cheap Prepaid Calling Card - TalkHome
Want to stay in touch with your family abroad, the TalkHome International prepaid calling card is an excellent choice for your calling needs. Prepaid Calling Card with great International rates. 19.9 India, 3.8 Germany, 3.8 Italy
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Facts on Choosing A Phone Card

Before you start choosing a phone card, read further to understand what are the different types of phone cards available in the market. Basically, there are 3 types of calling cards - prepaid, post-paid, and cellular phone cards.

Prepaid Phone Card

Prepaid Calling Card Carriers : PrepaidOnline & Cognigen
A prepaid phone card offers the best long distance calling rate. However, these may have associated connection charges and high billing increments. Plus, a prepaid phone card always has an expiration date. But don't worry; most prepaid cards are usually good for at least three months. Also remember, prepaid calling cards bought in the U.S. only work within the continental United States.

Post-Paid Phone Card

Post-Paid Calling Card Carriers : Acculinq Phone Cards
Post paid phone cards have slightly higher rates than prepaid calling cards, but they make up for it in features. Their connection fees and billing increments are also lesser or free and you do not have to re-purchase or re-charge the phone card. Plus, there is no expiration date in post paid card and so you don't waste money. Not to mention that you can also use them at home with speed dial and your own roaming 800 number.

Prepaid Cell Cards

Prepaid Cell Card Carriers : PrepaidOnline
Prepaid cell cards are becoming very popular as the rates continue to go down and more features are offered. As with prepaid phone cards, you can purchase and receive these cards or PINs and the card minutes instantly from a cellular carrier compatible with your phone, if you have an e-mail address. Prepaid cell cards are ideal for people who travel domestically or internationally and want to avoid roaming charges.

Using A Phone Card

If you have a prepaid phone card, you have already paid in advance and can start using your phone on purchase.

To use your post paid calling card, you first must dial an access code to connect to the carrier that issued the phone card. These access codes are usually a toll free number, but some cards also allow you to connect just by dialing a zero. You may be charged usually the cost of a local phone call to use the phone even if you are calling a toll-free number.

Once connected to the phone card carrier system, you then have to take two steps. One, you enter your account code. This tells the carrier to whom the call should be billed. Two, you dial the telephone number you want to reach. The post paid bill will be later mailed to you.

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