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We offer a large number of products for our visitors from Canada. You can browse through our list of vendors and pick out services you need. For Canadian residents we offer long distance phone cards, cheap international long distance services, email to fax & some more great money saving phone service & internet access plans, plus web site design, website development services. You can purchase and manage all these discount services & products using secure online account management systems.

Long Distance Services

Cheap Long Distance, Canada

Direct Dial Long Distance, Convergia
4.9 Canadian /minute - Introducing for the first time long distance for the Canada residents! Convergia presents the fullest potential of today's broadband revolution with discount direct dial long distance rates.

VoIP Phone

International Long Distance, 2Speak
Worldwide origination, easy to use service. Place long distance and overseas calls from any phone - no software download or special equipment. Set up your account in less than 12 seconds. Online voicemail available! Access from anywhere

Calling Cards Canada, Virtual Phone Cards

Virtual Phone Card

Post Paid Phone Card, Ultra Low Rates! CogniCall
Monthly billed calling card, works from more than 50 countries. worldwide fiber-optic network, with ultra-low rates, no activation fee, no monthly fee and no physical phone card! 6-second Automatic credit card billing. Online signup & call details.

Cheap Calling Card

Phone Card, Low International Rates, AccuGlobe
Cut costs by using calling cards instead of direct dialing. Use our Toll-Free phone card with a low per-minute rate. Take advantage of our International Origination service to make calls from over 45 Countries with crystal-clear phone cards, convenient options & best rates on hassle-free calling cards.

High Speed Dial Up Internet Access, Canada

Cheap Internation Toll Free Dial Up

Toll Free ISP, Low-price, Global Internet Access
Leader in remote worldwide ISP access with their popular prepaid global dialup Internet access connection for travelers. Pay as you go pricing plans for high quality Internet access. Get online from any toll free worldwide locations

PC-to-Phone Internet Telephony Services

Broadband Phone

Broadband VoIP Phone Service, iConnectHere
Leading Broadband phone service provider brand, unlimited local & long distance on your broadband phone. Residential & business plans with discounts on the activation fee for your broadband phone service

800 Toll Free - Follow Me Anywhere Number

800 Number Service, Follow me

800 Number Toll Free Phone, Kall8
800 number with follow me anywhere service. Get Custom 800 number or 800 vanity number for your business or residence, route it to a conviniet location anytime through your secure online account management.

Dial Around Long Distance Services

Toll-free Dial Around Phone Service, CogniDial
Featuring low international and interstate rates Using Dial Around recognition. No per-call surcharge, 6-second billing. Online account management system with 24/7 online access long distance dial around to your account.

Dial Around Phone Service in Canada by AccuDial
All of your alternative Long Distance problems solved. There are no per call minimums or surcharges. The service offers highly competitive international long distance rates.

Kallcents Dial-Around in Canada
Inexpensive alternative to your long distance. One of the original toll free origination products in the world, offers great international and US rates, with special rate plans

Conference Calling Services in Canada

Conference Calling for Business & Family, CogniConference
Conference calling service designed for both business and personal or family use, you can converse with each other simultaneously over the phone with our conference technology from over 50 countries worldwide, discount price! Call charges that compute to less than one cent

Email to Fax Service

Email to Fax Services, Low Rates, FaxAway
Save money on Faxes. Unlike faxing services that charge you per page, the FaxAway service charges only for the actual transmission time. Super low per minute email to fax rates, six second billing. Save up to 50% on your fax services with Faxaway

Web Hosting, Design & Development Services

Hosting With Us
Quality web hosting from $5.95 per month!

UNIX Hosting, $9.95 per month, Warp Speed Hosting Service
UNIX hosting as low as $9.95/month. 150 different OC3 connections to over 150 of the largest Internet backbones such as MCI, Sprint, UUNet.

Cheap Web Hosting, Simple Biz Hosting
Reliable, Affordable and Professional Web Hosting starting at $3.99 per month.

Domains With Us
$9.75 per year, Free URL and email forwarding

Website Design & Development, Extreme Programming
Website, Logo, Graphic Design and Development

Website Builder - WebBizBuilder
A world class web site building manager, easy to use...

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