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Conference calling is a whole new way of conducting business in the 21st century. Its a wonderful tool for businesses today and advances in technology have made them available to all businesses today, big or small. No wonder then that conference calling services is a two billion dollar industry. And this is an industry that showing exponential growth since its inception, making it clear that conference calling really works for business; and people do spend a lot of money on calling conference lines. And the truth is, there are some pretty affordable phone and web audio conference products that offer cheap rates for both business and home users.

Read our tips & facts in the guide below for more information on what are conference calling services, what types are available in the market today and with what features? We have also selected some of the best web conference call options available on the Internet today for you. Have a look below.

Conference Calling Service

Conference Calling for Business & Family, CogniConference
Conference calling service designed for both business and personal or family use, you can converse with each other simultaneously over the phone with our conference technology from over 50 countries worldwide, discount price! Call charges that compute to less than one cent.

Make Cheap Conference Calls

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What is web conference calling?

Conference calling is actually a technology driven virtual meeting room that allows a huge number of callers to be connected with each other at the same time. So the next time you have to organize a meeting or have a mini training session., you need not spend time and energy is sending out individual emails, faxes or letters. Just pick up the phone and use the conference calling services in your office to speak with everybody then and there.

What are the business benefits of using a Conference Call Service for a corporate or company?

Conference calling has numerous benefits over regular one or 3 way calling. A web based conference call service is flexible to a large extent and can be suited to your prerequisites. To begin with, it works best with businesses that have a large number of callers at a given time. For example, corporations selling products or services or those that are in charge of large teams would be saving a lot of time and money by using conference calling services.

Conference calling services are very controlled as well. With regards to the number of callers, based on your requirement you have either a few or several callers connected at the same time. Further, there are, both, interactive and listen-only conference calls. Interactive calls are used when there is going to be a lot of interrogation and a listen only can be used for one-way communication. And one of the best benefits of a web audio conference call is that you can hold a question and answer conference at the end of the call, opting for listen-only mode, up to that point, thus saving more money!

What are the costs of using conference calling services?

Conference calling services broadly come in two categories -
Free conference calling
Per minute charged conference calling

Free conference calling

The name free conference calling can be a little misleading. What free conference calling actually means is that the person who receives a number of calls at one time is not charged, but all the callers are charged individually at their local or long distance rates, if applicable. Though termed free conference calling, these calls typically have restrictions of location, number of callers allowed on the call or length of call time.

Per Minute Charged Conference Calling

As the name suggest, these kinds of conference calls are charged by the minute. In this case however, the person who receives the call pays for the conference call. Since all calls are charged, in this case the rates are lower than free conference calling services. These are also often introduced with a toll free number. This helps the person who is receiving calls since he can use the same conference calling services and also have better reach with a toll free number.

What are some of the latest features in Conference Calling Services?

In most modern web conference call services you do not need an operator or special phone systems and a simple Internet connection plus a phone can help you connect with many people. All you have to do for outbound conference calls is enter a number and click dial. And to add more callers, repeat the same procedure with respective phone numbers.

In addition, most conference calling services also offer a scheduling feature that allows you to initiate a call much in advance. At the specified time, the system automatically dials and connects all participants by web conference call. This feature is especially convenient if you need to setup outbound conference calls while away from your office, such as when you are in a car or traveling.

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