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AccuLinq Long Distance

AccuLinq offers a low rate long distance service without the hidden charges, physical bills to pay and hassles that come bundled with using other phone service providers. Also, you are only charged for actual usage, and the monthly fee is not applied during inactive months. So whether you use their monthly billed service, stand alone phone card, the toll free global origination calling card or the dial around service you will pay - no surcharges, no commitments, and no minimums!

AccuGroup Offers

One Touch Long Distance Calling Card For Travel

AccuChat Calling Card
A great travel card, whether for business or while you're on vacation, AccuChat offers convenience, mobility and savings. They offer many plans with low rates on long distance calls in addition to enhanced features such as QuickChat and One-Touch Dialing for calls when you use this card.

International Origination Phone Card

AccuGlobe Toll-Free Global Phone Card
A global calling card for discount long distance with crystal clear calls, convenient options, the best rates and hassle-free account management. This card offers huge saving on international and domestic calls for users with a range of needs. Whether you're a large corporation, small business or need to make internatonal calls from home this card will offer a plan that helps you save.

AccuLinq Phone Card

AccuLinq Post Paid Calling Card
Get your own toll free 800 number for home or business use and easily forward it using their secure website to any number of your choice at the same low rate. This service makes it easy to manage your toll free, call forwarding, long distance and calling card for one consolidated account.

Dial Around Long Distance

AccuDial, Dial Around Long Distance
Premium toll free dial around service with low domestic and international rates with savings of upto 50% a month over your current service. You can use it to make business calls from your home phone with one touch dialing and also save money on long distance.

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Acculinq Calling Cards & Rates

AccuGroup offers three phone card products for their long distance customers. AccuChat is a stand alone calling card with one touch long distance dialing when you travel, AccuGlobe is a toll-free global card with international origination and the AccuLinq monthly billed phone card which comes with a bundled 800 Number.

With these cards you dial the same toll free 800 number anywhere in the US and if you are in Select Access areas you are billed the lower rate. You can also save on call charges by using their QuickLink service which you can use to program upto 3 numbers into their system. This way, when you dial the toll-free access number to make a call, their system will automatically recognize your account and enter your PIN for you.

AccuDial Dial Around Service

This dial around long distance service offers low domestic and international rates for great savings on your phone bill. Compared to 10-10's AccuDial has a ultra discounted pricing plan and also doubles up as a calling card which you can use from any phone including payphones when you travel. You can also get your own toll free 800 Number and forward it directly to your home, office, or wherever you may be, even the hotel phone number. Since you can change the number online and instantly, you are accessible at all times at the same long distance rate.

Summary - Acculinq Long Distance Service

Long Distance By AccuLinq
Long Distance Rate
  • 8.9 per minute from Non-Select Areas from 48 States to 50 States plus Canada
  • 4.9 per minute from Select Access Areas to 50 States & Canada
Fees & Charges
  • $1 One time activation fee
  • $ 1 monthly fee. Doesn't apply for accounts with zero usage in the billing cycle. $ 2 if statement mailed.
  • 60 ¢ FCC mandated rate for calls originating from from a payphone
  • Taxes
  • Add applicable State taxes for TX Residents.
800 Call Forwarding
  • $2 per toll-free number
  • $ 1 monthly fee
Billing & Payment
  • Credit Card payments only
  • Billing Cycle is 24th - 23rd of every month
  • 6-second billing with 30-second increments

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