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Accudial, Dial Around Long Distance

Long Distance Dial Around Number Service

The AccuDial dial around long distance service offers low domestic and international rates and can offer you savings of upto 50% each month over your current service. Use the Accudial dial around service to make crytal clear calls over their network of digital optic fiber lines the. They also offer toll free numbers for home, business and overseas locations that can be forwarded instantaneously using a secure website.

Why AccuDial Around instead of 10-10's?

AccuDial Around is only 5.9 on all Domestic 48 Calls whether it is used from home or on the road! The AccuDial Around solution has all of your alternative long distance problems solved with no strings attached! If you are always on the move the dial-around service also doubles up as a calling card. That's right, you can take it with you and use it from any other phone including payphones - same great rates!!

800 Call Forwarding Features

With the AccuDial service your dial around toll free 800 Number can be forwarded directly to any other number. You only need to log into the administration area of your account and enter the forwarding Phone Number. The number is changed instantly!

Forward Your Number To Any Where In The World!

Get your own toll free 800 Number and forward it directly to your home, office, or wherever you may be, even the hotel phone number when you're traveling. Since you can forward your 800-number on the fly, this service allows you to be reached at all times as you change locations. This service offers great convenience for homes and offices as you'll never miss that important call or be tied to the home or office waiting for it.

Dial Around For Home Users

If you are already paying or pre-paying more that 5.9 / min. for instate, state to state calls or calling cards or make international calls, AccuDial can offer you a great service. One of the great benefits of the AccuDial dial around service is that there are no per call minimums or surcharges which is common among toll free and long distance services. AccuDial also offers very competitive international rates.

800 Number Forwarding For Small Business

Accudial offers one of the best toll free dial around service with an unbeatable low rate of 5.9. Simply use one-touch dialing from the home to make business calls and it won't interfere with personal calls on the home telephone. Utilizing their QuickDial Service, you can call the National Access 800 number, from a predesignated phone number and bypass having to enter your PIN. This feature saves you time and money by offering the same low rate without dialing your 11 digit PIN.

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