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Cognigen Long Distance Phone Services

Cognigen is a well seasoned and innovative service provider in the telecommunications industry that has built it's formidable track record by making their billing on telecom services totally transparent. Cognigen tells you upfront about charges such as minimums, the monthly charges, the PIC charges, and surcharges if any that get added to your monthly bill, often without your knowledge. These are details many of the bigger telecom companies leave to you to figure out on your own once the bill arrives.

They offer a range of affordable plans (most between $15-20) that offer you bargain rates for the specific services you have chosen. Their well stocked stable of communications products includes a prepaid calling card, monthly billed phone card with global origination, international long distance phone service, virtual cards with cheap international rates and an affordable toll-free dial-around service.

Discount Services from Cognigen Networks

Cognigen also offers a fantastic range of services that can be customized to suit your requirement and save you money. Below are their best offers:

Cognigen Long Distance Card

CogniCall Calling Card
The monthly billed CogniCall service lets you make phone calls from over 50 countries! It's easy to use and you manage your account online. Cognigen calling cards enable you to make crystal clear international and domestic calls using their world wide fiber optic network at affordable discount rates.

Cognigen Dialaround

CogniDial Dial Around Service
Get cheap rates for your international, state to state and in-state calls with this affordable toll free dial around service. Available in US and Canada CogniDial has money saving plans for domestic dial arounds.

Cognigen Call Conferencing Service

Cognigen Conference Call Service
Whether you need to make conference calls for business or personal use (family get togethers) you will receive rock bottom long distance rates with this service. Available from over 50 countries worldwide the moderator provides the participants with a toll free number and access code which they use to dial in and get connected.


CogniState Domestic Long Distance
For users who need to make most of their calls within their home states and want to use a high quality long distance telephone service, CogniState is your answer. With CogniState you can make instant savings on your calls with many bundled features and also availof a toll free service at the same low US domestic rate.


CogniPhone Long Distance
High-quality service with discount rates and no monthly fee! Also, a calling card is included in your long distance service at no extra cost. This allows you to use the phone for domestic calls, international 1 plus calls or as a dial around service and phone card.


CogniWorld International Long Distance
International long distance telephone service with crystal clear quality, 6 second billing increments, bundled toll free service, no contract or commitment, simple online account management and a low 6 second minimum per call with a US domestic rate as low as 3.49 cents per minute.

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Long Distance Savings with Cognigen

If you are tired of switching telephone companies, Cognigen will offer you many different plans suit your long distance usage pattern. If you make a large volume of domestic and international calls, CogniState is a service you must look at. CogniCall is a monthly billed service and has no monthly fee, activation fee or any other hidden fees. CogniConference is an easy to use conference call service available from over 50 countries is designed for both business and personal use.

Another benefit of using Cognigen is they offer useful services bundeled into one account which can be managed through your online account. The CogniCall service comes with bundled domestic toll free while the monthly billed CogniWorld service offers a free calling card and you can also order a toll free number for a $1.50 service charge for each switched number. The same state to state rate will apply to toll free service calls!

All these services are a part of your Cognigen account. It is unlikely you will ever need another phone service as this one account can manage multiple lines, forward calls and fulfill your long distance needs at the cheapest rates.

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