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CogniCall Long Distance Calling Card

Cheap Monthly Billed Global Origination Virtual Card

Being a monthly billed service like AccuLinq, CogniCall allows you to make phone calls from over 50 countries using a high speed worldwide fiber optic network. In addition to offering ultra low long distance rates there is no monthly fee, no activation fee, nor any hidden fees! In fact they don't even send you a physical calling card mail. CogniCall is a virtual calling card.

Virtual Calling Card

You will receive e-mail instructions for using the service and pins for use with the calling card system. All the billing is completed online! Enjoy the user-friendly online billing statement for your calls conveniently billed to your major credit card. No more hassle with paper and payments lost in the mail. Payments are billed to your credit card automatically.

Domestic Toll Free Long Distance Dial Around

With this one CogniCall account what you are using is a domestic toll free long distance dial around service!! All these services are a part of your CogniCall calling card account. It is unlikely you will ever need another phone service as this one account can manage multiple lines, forward calls and fulfill your long distance needs at the cheapest rates. You do not even need to enter the calling card access codes when using phones you have registered in your toll free dial around account saving you money on in-state, interstate, and international long distance calls.

Dial Around ( US-48 Origination ONLY)

You can enjoy high quality connections and same low rate any time of day, 6.9 cents per minute to anywhere in USA-48 from USA-48! Ideal for intrastate calling in states with high 1+intrastate rates. All calls billed in 6 second increments with a 60 second minimum. There are NO connection or service fees! However, if you access the system using a payphone within North America, a standard 55 cent payphone surcharge is applicable. You can also add calling card pins to your account.

International and US origination

CogniCall Virtual Calling Card Pins offer International origination from over 50 countries.

Making International Calls Using The CogniCall Phone Card:

  • Dial the international access number in the particular country you are in,
  • enter your 14 digit code
  • and then follow voice prompts to make a phone call.

To make consecutive calls, either wait for the dialing prompt after your destination hangs up or press the * key followed by the # key to get the dialing prompt.

Compare with AccuChat and AccuLinq Monthly Billed Phone Card

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