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CogniPhone Long Distance

CogniPhone offers high-quality long distance service with discount rates and no monthly fee! Also, a calling card is included in your long distance service at no extra cost. This allows you to use the phone for long distance, international 1 plus calls or as a dial around service and phone card. You can use your CogniPhone account to save on your international long distance calls.

Directory & Operator Assistance Calls

As CogniPhone is a pure long distance service, they do not provide operator assistance. You can dial 0 to be connected directly to your local telephone company, the operator assistance charges will show on your local phone bill. Similarly, directory assistance can be reached dialing area code+ 555+1212. Since this service is provided by a National Directory Assistance company each call is charged $0.60.

CogniPhone, Savings & Benefits

  • No Fees!
  • No Minimums
  • No Paper Bills
  • 6-Second Billing
  • Credit Card Billed
  • Online Account Management
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Low International Rates
Long Distance Service Features
  • One-plus dialing - simply dial one, then the area code + the number!
  • Cheap calling card at 6.9 cents per minute!
  • Low In-State and International rates
  • 6-second billing increments with 6 seconds minimum
  • NO extra fees!
  • Low PICC and USF charges
  • All digital fiber optic network
  • 30 second minimum for International calls.

Your CogniPhone calling card or dial around registered phone numbers start with a limit of $100. Every time you reach 90% of your dial around or calling card usage limit, your credit card is charged. So to avoid multiple charges or have your calls getting disconnected it is best to set your limit close to your monthly usage.

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