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IConnectHere is a leading VoIP sevrices company that offer a virtual calling card and a broadband phone service that let you make cheap domestic and international long distance calls. Their leading edge PC to Phone service allows you to save on all your local, long distance and international calls. Rates are as low as 1 per minute to the US with unlimited monthly calling and they also offer a pay as you go service.

iConnectHere Products

iConnectHere Broadband Phone

iConnectHere Broadband Phone
This broadband phone service comes packed with fea tures and is also easy to use. You receive a free phone adapter and PC to phone soft client that lets you make international calls while you're on the move at the lowest rates.

iConnectHere International Long Distance

iConnectHere Virtual Calling Card
Cheap international calling card solution to save on long distance bills. Since its a virtual card, you can take it with you and use it in 27 countries and use it via toll free numbers. Also, they offer a pay as you go plan - you pay only for the calls you make!

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Their cheap international calling card solution allows you to carry your iConnectHere account with you everywhere and use it in 27 countries via toll free numbers. This phone card also offers a pay as you go plan, so that you pay only for calls you make and save as much as 80% on your international calls.

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