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iConnectHere Virtual Calling Cards

Cheap International Long Distance

iConnectHere offers a cheap international calling card solution that helps you save on long distance charges. You can carry your iConnectHere account with you everywhere and use it in 27 countries via toll free numbers. This phone card offers a pay as you go plan, so that you pay only for calls you make and save as much as 80% on your international calls.

Calling Card Features And Benefits

As iConnectHere is a Per Minute Virtual Calling Card you can call anywhere and pay only for the calls you make and you can use any phone, even a mobile phone or pay phone. Rates start from 4.6 per minute with no connection fees. Some more features of your phone card.

  • Flexible Pricing -
    Pay for calls you make No need to get locked into a monthly calling plan.
  • Toll-Free access numbers in 27 countries -
    Call from any phone - including pay phones.
  • No Pin Dialing (optional) -
    Your UserID and password are automatically recognized.
  • Real-Time Account Management -
    View your call records online any time!

Using Your Calling Card To Make Calls

You will receive your iConnectHere account information by email. Once you've got your Account ID and passwords just dial one of their Toll Free Access Numbers, enter your ID and password by dialing the digits. You will now be prompted to dial the number you want to reach, enter it in the following format country code + area code + number.

For example, if you are calling a number in New York City, USA Dial:
1 + 212 + 7 digit phone number.
A Quick Look At Their Rates:

  • USA 4.7
  • Canada 4.7
  • London 4.6
  • Madras 13
  • Israel 6.6
  • Philippines 22
  • Moscow 4.6

Note: These rates may change and not be updated immediately, click here to see most current rates.

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