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PNG Calling Card

A Stand Alone Travel Phone Card

A travel phone card customized to help you save on long distance calls when you're on the move - PNG offers the Stand-Alone Travel Card service. With the PNG calling card in your pocket, you don't need to signup for any outbound phone service, and yet receive a flat billed rate - 9.7 cents / min, anywhere in the continental United States. For business travelers, military personnel and when you're off on your vacation, the PNG service is a great money saving deal.

One of the features of the calling card is that it works from anywhere in North America. Your travel card comes with international access activated, which means you can call anywhere in the world from USA 48, Alaska, Puerto Rico, USVI and Canada. The calls are billed in 6 second increments with a 30 second minimum per call.

Cheap Long Distance Calling Card Rates

9.7 From anywhere in the US-48 to anywhere in the US-48
16.9 From anywhere in the US-48 to Alaska and Hawaii
5.0 From anywhere in the US-48 to Puerto Rico
4.7 From anywhere in the US-48 to USVI
24.9 From Hawaii, Puerto Rico, USVI to anywhere in the US-48
29.0 From Alaska to anywhere in the US-48
3.9 From anywhere in the US-48 to anywhere in Canada
68.0 From Canada to anywhere in the US-48
85.0 From anywhere in Canada to anywhere in Canada

The PNG Travel Card helps you save on your long distance calls, with substantial savings compared to similar products catering to the residential and small business market.

Features And Benefits - PNG Phone Card

The PNG travel calling card is easy to use and keeps you connected when you're on the move. It does not come with the complex hidden charges and confusing bills that come bundled with most telephone services. Since it is a flat rate long distance phone card, there is no peak of off times so you start saving immediately and pay only for usage. You can also make multiple calls without have to punch in the access code every time. Here are some features of the PNG stand alone travel card -

  • One flat rate-all day, every day
  • Make calls anywhere in the United States
  • Free cards & no sign-up fees
  • Personal access code
  • No monthly fees
  • 24 hour Customer Care
  • 6 second billing, with call details

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