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Guide to Selecting your High Speed ISP

High speed ISP are becoming a growing market as more and more companies use the Internet as a way to do business. In the banking industry for example, many financial institutions offer perks to customers who conduct all their banking transactions paperless and online. It saves cost, time & resources for both. Using a High speed ISP also means no connection initiation! So you don't have to deal with dialing up and getting a busy signal, or having your connection drop out during a downloading process.

We have listed some of the most popular High Speed Dial Up ISP services available on the Internet. Cognigen for Dial Up & LaunchNet for Broadband DSL are two reputed brand names in telecommunications products, offering high speed Internet services. You may also view & purchase online from a full range of High Speed T1 & DSL services right here on our website, with free quotes from associated agents. We also have some handy tips on picking a high speed ISP in case you are not sure of what services or pricing bands to look out for.

Broadband, Voice DSL

High Speed DSL Internet by LaunchNet
Whether it's DSL, Hi-Speed Dial-Up or 56k Dial-Up for home users, you can count on LaunchNet for the speed, reliability and performance to make your online experience the best it can be. Plus, their award-winning services are backed by a reputation for quality and support. Get a special, limited-time online offers and switch today...

LaunchNet Offers Both Residential & Business DSL

Hi-Speed DialUp Service
5X faster than standard dial up with best-rated connections from over 8,000 dial-up access numbers nationwide, including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Canada. Includes 4 email addresses with SPAM & Virus filtering and 10mb personal web space. Dial up plans start as low as $11.66/mo.

Naked DSL
Perfect solution for VoIP users as this internet connection has no need for a separate local phone service. Offers blazing fast uploads and is perfect for gamers, home offices and small business users. Packages start at $39.95/mo.

California DSL
This service is available only to California SBC customers and comes with up to 20 hours of free dial-up access for back up or when traveling. This fantastic service offers DSL Internet plans starting as low as $14.95/mo.

Find & Compare High Speed ISP
Broadband, DSL & T1 Lines, High Speed Dialup ISP

High Speed Internet Access - Buyers Guides
T1 Line, High Speed Dialup, Broadband Phone, VoIP Telephony

Choosing A High Speed ISP, Internet Service Provider

Choosing a high speed ISP is just like choosing a calling card, 800 toll free number or long distance plan - it should be driven by your motive and intended use. If you are looking for a minimum cost high speed Internet access, then you might want to try out cheap internet service providers. But if it were something that your business is going to depend on, then you would like to choose a high speed ISP who has a proven track record.

Weigh the pros and cons of choosing a high speed ISP before you sign up for their service. Remember, there are some low cost ISP providers who claim to be just as good as the others, but may not be in business next year to prove it. Conversely, there are others provide the same level of services as their competitors at many times the price but are reliable and established.

High speed Internet access means the ability to access the Internet more quickly than a traditional dial-up speed. If you're looking at a high speed ISP, your first and foremost concern will be can they deliver the speed that they're promising? Oftentimes the speed a company claims it can offer if you use its high speed Internet services is not the true usage speed and you might end up being stuck pages that don't load.

If your high speed ISP claims to have a high speed backbone, check to see if it is the current speed or is going to follow later. Some providers claim to have a T-3 (45 Mbps) backbone, but what they actually mean is T-3 capable. A 2400 bps dial-up modem is also T-3 capable because tomorrow it is capable of being replaced with T-3! Don't let them con you into their network capacity - that's what makes the difference between a good high speed ISP and a poor one!

The technology your high speed isp uses to operate the network is also very important. Remember, you are buying an Internet access service. Your high speed ISP should be using the best available technology to deliver this service. Also check to see if your high speed ISP has a full range of services, from low end to high end, or is it just filling a niche? If you need to upgrade or downgrade your service level, will you need to switch isp providers? Can they supply equipment, manuals, consulting as well as basic technical service? Can they provide connectivity throughout the country or do they just serve a small region?

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