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Finding the most reliable and cost friendly service for easy international long distance calls is a time consuming and often frustrating exercise for expatriates, tourists and businesses, and employees working overseas, for example in a BPO. You will find this page useful in saving a neat buck when making domestic and international long distance calls.

Long Distance Comparison services offered by websites such as LongdistanceLookup makes it easy for users to easily find and purchase their long distance phone services and cheap phone cards online. All your transactions and account management is done virtually on secure servers and you can log in anytime from anywhere to manage your service, pay your bill or recharge your calling card.


Best Rate International Calling Plan, CogniWorld
Long distance telephone service at a discount rate, low cost, save on your bill for international calls, best rate here. No monthly fees, state-to-state, industry leading International rates highlight this money saving calling plan.


Discount Long Distance Rates - CogniPhone
3.89 /minute
A high-quality long distance service at discount rates, customers of our phone company will receive great features at no additional cost. If your business, small business makes a high number of out-of-state calls, we have the plan for you! Features 6-second Billing, Low International Rates & NO monthly fees!

Choosing Your Long Distance Service & Carrier
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Long Distance Best Rates Calculator - Save on Long Distance

Imagine buying a phone card and not really having to bother receiving it in your mail, carrying it around and buying recharge cards all the time. With this new online retail format of buying long distance services you don't need to imagine anymore. With this service you can manage your account online. You will receive a pin in your email which you then use to make your international long distance calls.

This brilliant use of technology allows online long distance and phone card service providers to drastically lower their overheads and speed up their processes. Further, thanks to this online comparison and retailing format, savings for phone companies directly results in time saving, cost benefits and better services for YOU - their customers.

You can also use their online phone service search engine to find your ideal long distance phone company or phone card vendor in minutes. The most enticing benefit of using their service is the Long Distance Best Rate Calculator which offers a cost comparison for a range of services from premium brand phone service providers to the cheapest phone cards on the market.

When you use their search and comparison facility you are assured service from the best and most reliable long distance phone companies such as Opex Wireless, PNG & ZTel. No fly by night operators here, so good service is guaranteed! Depending on your budget and usage, just enter a few numbers and pick the best long distance plan or cheapest rate phone card in minutes!

International Long Distance Best Rate Calculator

Our long distance rate calculator will display the best deals from our store taking into consideration the entire package including fees, taxes etc. For a more detailed search for the best prices we have a sophisticated calculator that will ask you to input your phone service & long distance, understand your calling patterns and offer the best products with an estimated bill for your level of usage. Try our BottomLine Rate Calculator for Long Distance & 800 Numbers or NetQuote for T1 Lines

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We hope our tips help you choose the best long distance calling service. Follow the links for a list of cheap long distance service companies & service you can purchase online at great discounts. And don't forget to use our advanced cheapest rate calculator for the cheapest deals on your long distance and local phone service.

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