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Cheap, reliable international phone cards with low international & interstate calling rates with no monthly or per call minimum charges. Online sign up & call management for USA-48 AND International Origination phone card services with a wide variety of choices such as monthly billed calling cards, domestic phone cards & virtual prepaid calling cards. Cheapest rates, discounts to all international destinations
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Low state-to-state rates on our long distance service plans, no monthly fees, no hidden charges - use the Advanced Long Distance calculator to simulate a bill for your current long distance requirements, lets make you an offer you can't refuse - we retail the best offers on long distance plans from the cheapest & most reliable long distance carriers
Cheapest Long Distance Phone Services

Broadband Phone, VoIP Service

Unlimited local and long distance broadband phone service with residential plans & business plans. One low price for all your calls to anywhere in USA and Canada with lots of free features on your broadband phone - Local, long distance, international, and unlimited international calling starting at $15.99 per month.
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Feature rich bundled phone service offering toll free, local and long distance telephony and other great features at the best, cheapest rates. We carry products from Global Phone Service giants & brands such as
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Cellular Phone Services with major brand cellular, PCS - Prepaid Cellular Services, Wireless phone services & paging providers offered at discount prices. Cellular phone offers from leading carriers such as T-Mobile, Nextel, Sprint, Cingular and more! No kidding, we're giving away
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Dial-Around Services

Low international long distance and interstate rates - We have all of your alternative Long Distance problems solved! Take a look at the Qwest by PowerNet Global PowerDial dial around service. Kall Cents & Accudial are also great products for their value added features. Great for people on the move.
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Satellite TV

Digital satellite television is the coolest way to receive crystal clear broadcast of over 60 channels with high quality programming including HBO & Showtime. Get a broadcast satellite television service with digital video recorders, 4 digital satellite TV receivers all professionally installed for free at your home for a low monthly fee
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Advanced Residential Best Rate Calculator

Is your long distance bill higher than expected? Want to start paying less for out-of-state calls? Seeing too many fees & hidden charges in your long distance phone service bill Let us help you find the best long distance rates in your area! Try the Long Distance Calculator
Long Distance Calculator

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