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Are you a business traveler who has to spends months or even years traveling to foreign lands? We have products listed below that will make life much simpler for you, your family, your business & clients. Our products such as the monthly billed calling cards, prepaid phone cards with super saver ultra low international rates, toll free global internet access services, 800 number services with some cheap wireless, messaging & cellular phone services can be purchased online & managed using a secure online account management system.

We have networked with globally recognized & reliable brands of phone services & internet access providers for your convenience. They are all listed on one page with their best offers & discounts on long distance & phone cards. We offer a Low Price Guarantee at our store & many of our products have no termination fee or money back guarantee.

We hope these international phone & wireless products make it wonderfully easy for you to stay in touch with family & clients.

Monthly Billed Calling Cards, Phone Cards

Virtual Phone Card

Post Paid Calling Card, Global Origination, Ultra Low Rates! CogniCall
Monthly billed calling card, works from more than 50 countries. worldwide fiber-optic network, with ultra-low rates, no activation fee, no monthly fee and no physical phone card! 6-second Automatic credit card billing. Online signup & call details.

Cheap Calling Card

Phone Card with ultra-low International rates, AccuGlobe
Cut costs by using calling cards instead of direct dialing. Use our Toll-Free phone card with a low per-minute rate. Take advantage of our International Origination service to make calls from over 45 Countries with crystal-clear phone cards, convenient options & best rates on hassle-free calling cards.

Cheap Virtual Card

Virtual Calling Card, iConnectHere
Virtual Calling Card, Save money on international long distance calls to the US with toll free access numbers from 28 countries. Huge savings on you bill for international calls. Benefit from cheap call rates, use virtual phone card to call from regular phones, pay phones & cellular phones.

Prepaid Calling Cards

Global Origination

Cheap Phone Card

Prepaid Phone Card, Talk Home
Prepaid Calling Card with low International rates. 19.9 to India, 3.8 to Germany, 3.8 to Italy...Whether you are a business traveler, college student or want to stay in touch with your family abroad, the TalkHome International prepaid calling card is an excellent choice

US-48, USA origination

Low International Rates, CogniTalk

Super Discount Calling Card, CogniTalk
Ultra Discount Prepaid Calling Card. Great rates to all International Destinations. Not rechargeable. Quantity discounts available. Email PINs only - same day delivery, no Surcharges or Connection Fees!

Flat Rate Travel Cards

Stand Alone Travel Phone Card Service, PowerNet Global
Ride the Light of the Fiber Optic Nationwide Network of Qwest with stand alone travel card offered by PowerNet Global with low local and long distance rates . The Travel Phone Card is perfect for business travelers & people on the go

Rechargeable Prepaid, USATEL

Rechargeable Phone Card, USATEL
US-48 origination, low US domestic rate, no surcharges, no monthly fees, Super Low International Rates! The preferred calling card for people on-the-go: business travelers, students, truck drivers, pager users and companies of all sizes.

Internet Access

Cheap International Toll Free Dial Up

Toll Free ISP, Low-price, Global Internet Access
Leader in remote worldwide ISP access with their popular prepaid global dialup Internet access connection for travelers. Pay as you go pricing plans for high quality Internet access. Get online from any toll free worldwide locations

800 Number, Phone Services

800 Number Service, Follow me

800 Number, Follow Me Anywhere
800 toll free number with follow me anywhere service. Custom 800 number or 800 vanity numbers ideal for the business traveller, route it to to any number anytime through our secure online account management system for your 800 number.

Wireless Services, Cellular Phones

Cellular Phone Services, FONcentral
Cellular Phone Services the best brand services with cheapest rates & best discounts for Wireless phone services & paging. Try our discount prices. Cellular phone offers from leading carriers such as T-Mobile, Nextel, Sprint, Cingular and more! All phones come with free accessories and free shipping!

Cellular Phone Discounts from Cognigen Cellular
Cash back on offers from today's leading carriers such as T-Mobile, Nextel, Sprint, Cingular, Verizon Wireless. The only wireless shop offering every carrier to be sure you find the best coverage and cellular plan rates for you

Prepaid Cellular Phone Service, Liberty Wireless
Prepaid Cellular Service - No Credit Check! No Contract! No Deposits! If you have been turned down by a wireless carrier in the past, Liberty wireless is the service for you. Budget you bill, unlimited nights & weekends, free long distance

More Travel Communication Services

Unified Voice Messaging System, CogniBox
Manage all your calls & faxes via email; use customized messages to communicate with clients - No Long Distance Charges, that's right, Free! Try the versatile unified messaging system by Congnigen

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