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PC to phone services and broadband phones are finally coming into their own with the growing popularity and portability of services such as iConnectHere and SunRocket. These services dominate the pc to phone national and international long distance market for Internet Voice Phones, VoIP. PC to phone offers the cheapest option for international calls and some attractive plans including monthly subscription plans, unlimited calling and super low rates on international calls.

Also, it is now easier than ever to access services such as iConnectHere and Skype since they are offered through broadband phones, PCs, laptops and sometimes even cellular phones. Since an internet phone service uses the internet to place calls, it is not linked to a specific geographical area. This allows you to choose the country and calling area code specifically for your phone number. So, if you have family in New York and you are in Delhi, you can pick a New York area code.

Broadband Phone, iConnectHere

Broadband VoIP Phone, Save on Long Distance - iConnectHere
Plans start at $15.99
This leading edge Internet Phone Service allows you to save up to 90% on all your local, long distance, and international calls. Cheap rates, as low as 1 per minute to the US, Unlimited monthly calling available, or pay as you go. Check out the latest Broadband Phone offers from iConnectHere

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Save Money With VoIP, Easy PC to Phone Calls

Now when you receive calls from family, they're charged local rates. In addition to the already cheap long distance rate, this allows you to save even more on your international call bills. iConnectHere offers a broadband phone with their service with several advanced features. Using this phone and adapter you can receive calls even when you're on the road. Also, get a phone number in any area code, regardless of where you live.

Internet PC to Phone calling is becoming a popular choice with people who either for business or family, need to make national or international long distance calls. First, you could get started with VoIP for as little as $15. The iConnectHere Broadband Phone has other mobility benefits as well. You can check your voicemail from any phone or any Internet connection. You can make virtual calling card calls from access numbers in 27 countries, or PC to Phone calls from any computer with an Internet connection.

Your Savings With PC To Phone Calling

  • Save Money - lowest calling rates for local, long distance and international calls
  • Predictable Phone Bill - plans come packaged with a set of minutes and features
  • Convenience and Control - making and receiving phone calls is as easy as picking up your regular phone
  • Mobility - Broadband Phones that function from any high speed Internet connection

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